Cross GCC for PowerPC and vxWorks

Steven J. Magnani
Thu Dec 29 00:43:00 GMT 2005

> Dan wrote:
> Try 

Be careful - I discovered that if you go to "Patches" and click on the
link that says "Patch Gcc-2.95.3 to 2.95.4 (prerelease) for
VxWorks-PPc.", what file you get depends on where on the link you click.
You have to find the right spot to get the PPC patch and not the Altivec

Also, I got bitten by the "You need to install autogen" issue described
on the FAQ/Docs page. But using the "" patch doesn't fix
things. Something about the end_else_label sed script is wrong:

    Fixing directory /usr/include into
    Checking header files
    sed: -e expression #1, char 252: Invalid preceding regular
    Fixed ./ss/ss.h:

I tried gutting the End_Else_Label code in, substituting "cat"
for "sed" (i.e. turn the End_Else_Label fixup into a no-op). That at
least seems to have allowed the build to complete. I'm not sure what
side-effects there might be.

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