i386 gcc build failed with stdio.h not found

Brian Dessent brian@dessent.net
Wed Dec 28 09:07:00 GMT 2005

M Ranga Swami Reddy wrote:

> > --with-headers is for informing the compiler of the location of the
> > target's C library headers, not kernel headers.
> I tried with "linux-libc-headers-" headers also. But same error
> displayed.

I have no idea what that is, but since it has a kernel version number it
doesn't sound like the right thing.  The headers come from glibc, and
should have nothing to do with the kernel version.  The "quick and
dirty" way of doing this is to copy them from an existing system of the
same type as the desired target.  The robust way of doing it is as
crosstool does, which is to configure glibc just far enough to get
functional headers, but without actually building glibc (since a
compiler doesn't actually exist at that point.)  At least I think that's
how it does it, I really am not entirely sure.


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