Skip libgcc?

Chris Telting
Sun Dec 25 21:10:00 GMT 2005

I'm trying to compile an intermediate compiler to compile runtime 
libraries. Then once I compile the runtimes I'll recompile the compiler. 
Libgcc is the problem. But only because platform specific code is trying 
not unsurprisingly to use platform specific API's. Chicken and egg 
senerio I'm sure everyone here experiances.

Libgcc from my experiance is only necessary for executables. Compiling 
libraries should work fine as is whitnessed by gcc using it's own 
intermediate xgcc to compile it's libgcc.

I am a bit anal retentive as far as how things are done so I'm not going 
to hack it by copying files for it to include which looks like the way 
everyone does it that isn't using precompiled libraries.

I've been able to comment out the lines in the makefile which produce 
libgcc and it's compiles and installs fine. Right now I'm trying to 
figure out the autoconf and automake balony so I can create an option in 
the configure script to skip it. I am surpied that their isn't such an 
option already. I was hoping it was hidden and someone would point it 
out to me.

Jonathan S. Shapiro wrote:

>Generally, if the libbgcc build is giving you trouble, you should try to address the problem. The primary purpose of libgcc is to supply "built in" opcodes and functions that arenÂ’t  actually integrated into the compiler for your target architecture.
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>   >Is there an option to skip compilation of libgcc?
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>   >libgcc is just a static or dynamic library right?
>   >
>   >I'm thinking that it means that it isn't needed if your compiling 
>   >libraries.  Only final executables get need be linked to it.

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