Chris Telting
Sat Dec 24 21:00:00 GMT 2005

My ultimite goal is compiling several cross compilers into a single 
directory higherarcy.   I'm using the  gcc 4.0.2 source.

Currently I'm trying to get gcc to compile an intermediate setp cross 
mingw32 so I can compile the runtime libaries.  I'm using:

configure --prefix=/home/Ghost/Devel/install/Gnu/mingw32-common

But it keeps complaining about gthr-win32.c trying to include windows.h 
which I would think --disable-threads would skip

I can't find any makefile pulling in this file so I'm guessing that it's 
being built because of a general rule to compile everything in that 

Any ideas how to get it to skip compiling this?

And can I get an amen from anyone that agrees that there should be a 
simple --no-runtime option to skip libgcc code.  Or that such code 
should not be part of gcc but rather the runtime?


P.S. Merry XMas to everyone

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