Montavista mips AR7 compiler alignment

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I ran into a problem using a mips cross compiler for generating kernel and userspace applications with a netgear DG834GB (TI AR7 based) router.
The sources from netgear may be compiled with the tools fetched from other sources than Montavista (the original sources were compiled with the mvista mips-fp-le gcc).
I tried to build a kernel as well as userspace apps with a own build mips compiler and other supplied binaries.

The result was that the userspace apps (with uclibc) seem to work like desired, but any compiled kernels or kernel modules crash the system.
My examination showed that the kernel and the associated modules had been build with a compiler which handles alignment inside structures differently than the available MIPS gcc compilers.
Has anyone a hint where a montavista compatible compiler may be retrieved or even better how options or sources of the standard gcc solutions may be changed to get the same aligment and compatibility ?
Most structures generated with the mvista gcc are larger and seem to have more padding at several points.
I adjusted the problem at two kernel structures manually ba adding dummy padding vars, but that wouldn't make sense at all, as nearly all internal kernel structs would be needed to modified.

Anyone a hint ?

Thanks in advance


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