followup on question about gcc compiling and linking

Robert P. J. Day
Tue Dec 13 20:09:00 GMT 2005

On Tue, 13 Dec 2005, Kai Ruottu wrote:

> Robert P. J. Day wrote:
> > is there a decent write-up on all of this somewhere?  and what are
> > those other crt*.o files for?
> There really is... And if you are the guy who once produced
> gcc-2.5.7? for SCO 3.2, binutils and glibc-1.0.8 too, then you know
> where those SVR4 "Developer Specs for Developers" docs are in the
> SCO site :-)

hey!  don't be holding *that* against me.  i was young. and i've had
anything SCO-related removed from my brain surgically.

> But when not knowing what the situation with the "Linux having copied
> things from SVR4" case is now, publicly telling where Linux people can
> find the SVR4 docs and download them and then reproduce Linux docs and
> with the same words (words using english), maybe in a different order,
> but anyhow with just the same words, maybe would spoil any "clean room"
> approach for the equivalent Linux docs :-)
> Anyhow the AT&T ELF etc. docs, "Tool Interface Standards (TIS)", plus
> the 'white papers' from Linux guys like H.J.Lu's, "ELF: From The
> Programmer's Perspective", Hongjiu Lu, May 1995, are available and
> more safe to use...
> The first words written in Google gave as the first hit :
> And the second one gave :
> It seems that if one can invent the right search words, anything can be
> found again... (I had these text printed from the late 90's...)

good stuff.  thanks.


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