tcb-offsets.h.d: long path problems in glibc-2.3.2 ?

Wedde, Thomas
Tue Dec 13 15:25:00 GMT 2005

> Interesting.  To track this down, one would look for the command
> that creates tcb-offsets.h.d, and extract it into a very small shell
> script
> that reproduces the problem without Make getting in the way.
> This is a bit of an art.
> You might also consider trying making c:\b a 'managed mode' directory;
> there's some tiny chance that would work around some problems.
> See the crosstool howto or the cygwin doc about managed mode mounts.

Unfortunately I was not able to find out which shell script creates this
file (as you already said: "> This is a bit of an art." ... ).

I mounted the build directory in the cygwin - 'managed mode' but I still
got the same error.

So I shortened all other names and path I could:
I renamed the target to: i386-linux-gnu (instead of
I renamed TOOLCOMBO to "go" (instead of

And the compilation completed successfully ! 
(Is this a workaround or a solution ? ;) )

So now I have to return to my debug-problem I posted earlier - I have
the same with this new toolchain...

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