debug-problem with cygwin-linux-cross

Wedde, Thomas
Fri Dec 9 09:46:00 GMT 2005

Hi !

Thank you for your fast reply Dan..

> > I compiled a cross toolchain with crosstools 0.38 (thx Dan !)
> > - gcc 3.3.3
> > - glibc 3.2.3
> > - binutils 2.15
> > - host&build: i686-cygwin-linux
> > - target : i386-linux-gnu
> > Under WinXP with cygwin an it runs without problems.
> >
> > After the compilation I was a little confused about the output path
> > structure
> > (C:\cygwin\opt\crosstool\gcc-3.3.3-glibc-2.3.2\i386-unknown-linux-
> gnu\i386-unknown-linux-gnu\bin -> contained the tools from cygwin
> >
> -> contained the new toolchain
> > C:\cygwin\opt\crosstool\gcc-3.3.3-glibc-2.3.2\i386-unknown-linux-
> gnu\include
> > was nearly empty but some includefiles where needed so I copied them
> > C:\cygwin\opt\crosstool\gcc-3.3.3-glibc-2.3.2\i386-unknown-linux-
> gnu\i386-unknown-linux-gnu\inlcude
> > and so on...)
> You shouldn't need to do that... what happens if you don't?

Okay, I try to explain that.
After compilation, there are two include paths in the result path:



And (1) is nearly empty, except of other paths:
Each of them contain a few headers, for example (1)\c++\3.3.3\ contain

So if I want to include C++ Standard headers, such as iostream, I have
to put all the files in these paths in the same /include directory,
because if I don't the references on the headers do not work (iostream
includes other headers which are only in (2) and so on)

The same problem is for libraries...

For me there is a understanding problem why the result path structure is
so fragmented. 
In (2)/../bin there are my binaries of the result toolchain
(i386-unknown-linux-gnu-g++.exe) and 
In (1)/../bin there are also binaries, but with the old tools (gcc.exe)

I tried to recompile the toolchain, but there is the same result.
Each of the two paths contain the paths of the other, but
Is nearly empty (not much files) and
contains most of the results...

Do you know what is going wrong here ?
> > If I want to debug my application with gdbserver on the target and
> > 6.0 on my cygwin host I get several errors:
> >
> > ----
> > warning: Unable to find dynamic linker breakpoint function.
> > GDB will be unable to debug shared library initializers
> > and track explicitly loaded dynamic code.
> > Error while mapping shared library sections:
> > /lib/ No such file or directory.  ...
> > Error while reading shared library symbols:
> > Stopped due to shared library event
> > /lib/ No such file or directory.
> > Reply contains invalid hex digit 78 ...
> >
> > Seems that it can not find those libs although they are present (and
> > added the path to them to the linker options)
> > I tried to copy them around, for example to cygwin/usr/lib, but this
> > doesn't help.
> > If I do : i386-unknown-linux-gnu-ld --verbose | grep SEARCH
> > The answer is: SEARCH_DIR("=usr/local/lib"); SEARCH_DIOR("=/lib");
> > SEARCH_DIOR("=usr/lib")
> Did you read
> ?

Yes i read that, but sadly it did not help. 
I found some hints that the not-finding of the libraries could be a
linker-problem so I think I should verifiy that my toolchain is correct
at first, before I can surely say that it is a gdb-error...
Giving the new /lib path to the gdb-options did not help in this case
(by the way: I use eclipse as a frontend for my debug session).

> > Although I can step-trough my program at termination of it, gdb
> > return the "Reply contains invalid hex digit 78" and aborts.
> Now *there's* a question you need to take to the gdb mailing list...
> - Dan

I already had this problem under linux during remote-debugging the
target and solved it by using exactly that gdb 6.0 instead of gdb 6.1. -
so I tried to compile it for cygwin and I think there must be a
connection between my cross-compiled gdb and this error (of course it is
;) but maybe youre right and I should post this to the gdb-mailingslist)

One thing last: while browsing through the web I always got links to the
CrossGCC-FAQ (also in singnatures of this mailinglist) but I never find
them - because all I got is a redirection to, but there
are no FAQs on this site.... (there is nothing about cross-gcc on this
site).. or am I just blind.. !?

thanks in advance


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