crt1.o not found in mipsel-linux

pati (sent by
Fri Dec 9 00:04:00 GMT 2005

can you explain me why this object file is used for.....

Bcoz, when I run the hello world program with printf function written separately( provided in, it compiles and links successfully...

Also when I use gcc linker ld  with the following linker options , 

 mipsel-linux-ld  -o main.elf main.o -L /usr/lib -lc -I /lib

this is what I get...

mipsel-linux-ld: skipping incompatible /lib/ when searching for /lib/
mipsel-linux-ld: cannot find /lib/

what is this ???. From what I figure out, the linker is looking for in /lib instead of /usr/lib. When I searched for this error in forums, I found something like modifying to make it search in /usr/lib. but I donot find this .sh script anywhere on my system...

Thank you - uday
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