undefined reference errror using gcc 3.3.2

Kai Ruottu karuottu@mbnet.fi
Wed Dec 7 20:39:00 GMT 2005

Kai Ruottu wrote:

> This shows that three libraries 'libc.a', 'libidt.a' and 'libgcc.a' will
> be linked against and also a startup object, 'crt0.o', will be taken
> with. The entry symbol name is '_start' and so on... You should have
> something like this ('idt.ld') made for your own target board. But
> maybe that is one of the already supported boards and you could use the
> linker script for that.

  If your target board is not already supported anywhere, then your
homework would be to produce the glue library for it too, implementing
the  'read()', 'write()','open()', 'close()', 'lseek()' etc. low-level
I/O-functions and those memory-handling routines in it.

  If you only want to see your toolchain producing an executable for
'something', just use one of the already supported target boards as
your 'real target' and toy with it. The GNU debugger, 'GDB', comes
with a MIPS-simulator and it simulates at least a PMON monitor based
target board. So running and debugging some MIPS programs on your host
system without a real target board is fully possible.

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