crosstool on irix

Ingo Bremer
Wed Dec 7 16:01:00 GMT 2005


im just playing with crosstool on irix and found some small problems, which 
can be fixed.
the question is not, how to fix in source oder headerfiles, but where put the 
changes to make it persistent  against new calls of crosstool.

first example:
the definition of __SGI_NOUCONTEXT_COMPAT is needed to avoid
overwriting of fp_regs via include of /usr/include/sys/ucontext.h
i put a
by hand to some auto-host.h which is generate by whatever ..
this dont looks like a very stable place

a reference to LIBNSS_FILES_SO is active in .../glibc-2.2.5/nss/nsswitch.c 
(line 77)

#if !defined DO_STATIC_NSS || defined SHARED
/* String with revision number of the shared object files.  */
static const char *const __nss_shlib_revision = LIBNSS_FILES_SO + 15;

but no definition generated to build-glibc/gnu/lib-names.h
i will still find out what is correct, defining the variable or avoiding the
reference  (correct settings of DO_STATIC_NSS SHARED)

but where to put the patches to have a correct generated lib-names.h?


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