[SOLVED] the aforementioned "#include <errno.h>" error

Robert P. J. Day rpjday@mindspring.com
Tue Dec 6 14:47:00 GMT 2005

  oh, man.  i just figured out why i couldn't cross-compile a source
file with my newly-generated toolchain.  from the source tree i
inherited, i had a source file that included

  #include <errno.h>

ok, that looks reasonable enough.  but i hadn't noticed that the
actual compile command included the option "-I./include", where that
local include directory included (you guessed it) a file called
"errno.h", whose entire contents are:

#ifndef __ERRNO_H__
#define __ERRNO_H__

#define EOVERRUN    2001
#define EUNDERRUN   2002
#define ERROR       2003

  argh.  so obviously this was the errno.h file picked up by the
preprocessor (right?), therefore, pretty much *all* of the standard
errno macros would have gone missing if they had been used (that
explains the undefined EINVAL).

  how the *heck* did this ever work in the first place?


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