crosstool: how to link with compiled glibc

Mark Jessee
Tue Dec 6 00:20:00 GMT 2005

Hi Dan,

Actually I'm trying to locate the libraries in my crosstool directory
that I should use as a source for copying.  There are some files named
*.so etc but they seem to be scattered in what looks like temporary
build directories?  Maybe I have the wrong impression of crosstool,
but I was expecting something like:
1.  Tell crosstool what gcc/glibc to build (ie. i386 in my case)
2.  Build
3.  Install cross toolchain in /opt
4.  Copy a nicely organized /lib directory structure with symlinks etc
to my target system
5.  Start compiling programs using the new toolchain that are linked
against the new libraries.

Does crosstool do step 4 & 5?  I'm confused why I can't figure this
out, as it seems like a necessary step to use the resulting toolchain
(ie. everyone here *must* have done this!)

Can anyone sort me out?  :-)


On 12/1/05, Dan Kegel <> wrote:
> On 12/1/05, Mark Jessee <> wrote:
> > I just want to deploy the newly compiled libraries to my target root
> > filesystem, but I don't know where to copy them from or how they
> > should be organized in /lib, /usr/lib, etc.
> Ah, that's fine.  You can usually dump everything in /lib.
> See for
> how I kind of did that when I was running the regression
> tests for gcc/glibc.
> - Dan
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