latest mini-ct script and NPTL versus linuxthreads

Robert P. J. Day
Sun Dec 4 15:25:00 GMT 2005

(at the moment, i can't reply directly to mailing list posts so i'm doing
it through a browser on the road.  drat.)

hinko kocevar wrote recently of trying to build a toolchain using the mini-ct
script for the ARM architecture using linuxthreads and having to touch the
file ${HEADERS_DIR}/link.h (which i've never known to be an issue before).

at the moment, that mini script is set up to build *only* with NPTL so that
might be part of the problem.  my final enhancement to the script (short of
fixing obvious bugs, of course) will be to add the choice of using either NPTL
or linuxthreads.

as i understand it, the difference between the two approaches (using recent
GNU software) is that linuxthreads still requires unloading the separate
glibc-linuxthreads tarball into the glibc directory, then setting "enable-add-ons"

NPTL, on the other hand, is already part of the glibc tarball so one need only
set "enable-add-ons" BUT one must also apply a single patch
glibc-5070_all_cross-compile-nptl.patch.  i'm not sure what will happen if
you mix the two strategies.  i'm sort of surprised that hinko actually got a
working toolchain from that mini script given that i still haven't officially
added linuxthreads support.  but i'll get to that in a day or two.

it does sound promising that he got something to work, so i'll be interested
in hearing if it produces runnable code.


p.s.  again, as a warning, that mini script was written with really recent 
GNU software in mind -- gcc-4.0.x, glibc-2.3.[56] and so on.  if it happens
to work with older software, then that's just luck. :-)

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