glibc complains about missing -lgcc_eh for m68k-linux

Peter Barada
Sun Oct 31 20:50:00 GMT 2004

>Peter Barada wrote:
>> I'm trying to build a toolchain for m68k-linux using crosstool, and
>> while trying to link in the glibc stage, it complains about:
>> /home/mylocal/m68k-linux-3.4.2/lib/gcc/m68k-linux/3.4.2/../../../../m68k-linux/bin/ld:
>> cannot find -lgcc_eh
>> I'm assumng that the gcc bootstrap stage suppresses the creation of
>> libgcc_eh.a.  Anybody run into this before and any suggestons on how
>> to get around it?
>That's odd. crosstool-0.28-rc37 (more or less) builds ok for me with the following combos:
>Which version of crosstool are you using?  If you
>give me enough to exactly reproduce your problem,
>I can have a look...

Hmm,  I can't reproduce it.  Between all the versions I've been
building(both using crosstools and a direct Makefile), I must have
confused one universe for the other. 

What I'm trying to do is to take crosstool for m68k-linux, and
duplicate its commands to allow me to use local sources that I have in
a CVS tree to build a toolchain.  Since I'm building toolchains as I
edit pieces, I'm using make to rebuild only the bits that need it
instead of using crosstool to rebuild the whole world.

My reason for doing this is to put together a ColdFire v4e compiler
and a glibc ColdFire v4e add-on that allows for *dynamic* linking
using the SYSV ABI without breaking the m68k-linux target for both.
This will *definitely* take some time, so expect some more questions :)

When I get it near enough to working I'll be looking for some beta
testers who can help me out verifying it works for them, both on m68k
platforms as well as ColdFire.

Peter Barada

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