glibc complains about missing -lgcc_eh for m68k-linux

Dan Kegel
Sun Oct 31 18:57:00 GMT 2004

Peter Barada wrote:
> I'm trying to build a toolchain for m68k-linux using crosstool, and
> while trying to link in the glibc stage, it complains about:
> /home/mylocal/m68k-linux-3.4.2/lib/gcc/m68k-linux/3.4.2/../../../../m68k-linux/bin/ld:
> cannot find -lgcc_eh
> I'm assumng that the gcc bootstrap stage suppresses the creation of
> libgcc_eh.a.  Anybody run into this before and any suggestons on how
> to get around it?

That's odd. crosstool-0.28-rc37 (more or less) builds ok for me with the following combos:

Which version of crosstool are you using?  If you
give me enough to exactly reproduce your problem,
I can have a look...
- Dan

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