m68k-coff: Unused memory region included in output file?

Toralf Lund toralf@procaptura.com
Fri Oct 29 08:11:00 GMT 2004

Bill Gatliff wrote:

> Toralf:
>>> Does the program run properly when you munge your linker command 
>>> file to leave this data out?
>> It *starts* all right, at least. But I haven't had time to test if 
>> it's stable...
> Well, all the issues I'm thinking of involve startup, so that isn't it...


I now think the "eh frame" stuff discussed elsewhere has something to do 
with this, though. Simply put, I hadn't included *(.eh_fram*) in the 
linker script. If I do, I no longer get data in the "reserved" section, 
regardless of it's permission. The output size with *(.eh_fram*) 
included is different from both of the ones I got earlier (depending on 
"reserved" permissions), however, so I'm still not sure I understand 
exactly what is going on.

- Toralf

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