Repost: since when is gcc-2.96 insufficient to build gcc?

Dan Kegel
Fri Oct 29 00:52:00 GMT 2004

David Wuertele wrote:
>>>I want to use crosstool to build gcc-3.3.3 on a system that only
>>>has gcc-2.96.  Is this impossible?
> Daniel> Yup.  Just build a little local copy of a newish gcc
> Daniel> (gcc-3.2.3 should do?) before running crosstool.  No big deal.
> But I don't have control over my customer's system and I want to give
> him a package that builds using crosstool.  Scripting up a gcc build
> is a pain in the butt, so I was wondering if gcc-3.3.3 actually
> requires it.  Seems dumb that 2.96 wouldn't work --- gcc's first stage
> compile works on just about any system with a compiler.

Sorry, newer versions of gcc and glibc really do require a
newer compiler.  You can easily write a front-end script
that builds gcc and then invokes crosstool.
- Dan

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