Shared library problem with mips and gcc 3.4.2?

Thu Oct 28 12:09:00 GMT 2004

Hi everybody,

I use a cross tool chain build with crosstools for a mips big endian target
system. Also on this target a kernal and busybox-1.00-rc3 is
The cross tool cahin was build with crosstools-0.28-rc34 and
gcc-3.3.3-glibc-2.3.2.dat. Busybox and other applications are running quite

Now I want to use the gcc 3.4.2 compiler.

I build a cross tool chain with crosstools-0.28-rc37 (USE_SYSROOT=yes) and
gcc-3.4.2-glibc-2.3.2.dat . Then I build busybox-1.00-rc3 and installed it
to the root file system. This now includes only the contents of sys-root
folder of the tools chain and busybox. 
Starting the target system the kernel boots and the login prompt occures.
After typing the username the system hangs. No password dialog appears.
The busybox is build static. 
When I delete the lib folder of the root file system the password dialog
appears after booting, but after typing the password and pressing the enter
key the system hangs again.

To figure out thats not a busybox problem, I uninstalled busybox and build a
static bash-3.00 and use it as init. A similear problem occures. The system
hangs when I leave all libraries in the lib folder of the root file system,
but when I delete all libnss_* libs, bash is running.

It seems that I have a shared library problem with mips and

It would be great if anyone have any idea how to solve that problem.

Best regards

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