gcc 3.3.3 (and 3.4.2?) build failure (M68k)

Peter Barada peter@the-baradas.com
Mon Oct 25 14:14:00 GMT 2004

>>Are you sure you have the cross-assembler in your PATH when you
>>configure/build the compiler?  If not then the compiler defaults to
>>the system assembler which is probably *not* an m68k assembler...
>Yes. I'm quite sure. I also get
>checking what assembler to use... m68k-coff-as
>during configure...


Is m68k-coff-as on your path when you build the compiler?

What's the configure command look like?

Is this a bon-stock gcc that you're trying to configure for m68k-coff?

Add -v and see where its getting is specs from(is it the specs file you
expect to be used), and see what that has for the assembler.  Past
that I'm out of ideas...

Peter Barada

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