Static linked cross tools

Allen Curtis
Wed Oct 20 14:00:00 GMT 2004

>>> # I would advice against using BINUTILS_EXTRA_CONFIG since it's 
>>> issued
>>> # to configure - we don't need that
>> It appears that the previous message was generated when configuring
>> libiberty. I do not get this error without the LDFLAGS variable.
> Part (99%) of binutils' configuring is actually performed while 
> building,
> thus when you issue make, not when you issue configure. One problem I 
> ran
> into is that the configure scripts during make failed with "C compiler
> cannot generate executables" because of the LDFLAGS - it should not be 
> set
> while configuring.
> I avoided that problem by issuing "make configure-host" before 
> starting the
> make all phase (should've said so right away - slipped my mind). I'm 
> not
> sure if it will remedy your problem too.
Oh, I will try that later and report.

> I have not seen the GCC_NO_EXEC problem myself. I'm sorry but I can't 
> help
> you with that.
> Binutils versions I have built are 2.13.95 and 2.14
We are using binutils 2.15. I believe this is the default when using 
the crosstool scripts.


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