DESTDIR support for crosstool?

Axel Thimm
Wed Oct 20 00:59:00 GMT 2004


would it be possible to have

a) staged build and install crosstool scripts?
b) installing under a different prefix than configured for?

I am thinking from a packager's POV, where packages are usually built and
installed under different locations than later used, e.g. a typical
crosstool package for a powerpc toolchain could be

o building under /usr/src/at/powerpc-405-linux-uclibc folder,
o installing under a /var/tmp/powerpc-405-linux-uclibc-0.0.1-root/opt/crosstools/...
  hierarchy, while the package itself will be chopping off the
  buildroot prefix and will
o package-install under /opt/crosstools/

a) is nice to have, but a packager can live w/o. b) is very important,
as in packaging concept, no part of the true file system hierarchy is
to be touched (other than the buildroot, e.g.
/var/tmp/powerpc-405-linux-uclibc-0.0.1-root above).

I understand that b) can be tricky, as the software is configured to
look under /opt/crosstools/ for already built and installed components
which will have been placed under
/var/tmp/powerpc-405-linux-uclibc-0.0.1-root/opt/crosstools/. and
pointing to the temporary buildroot instead would break any hardcoded
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