uclib support for crosstools forward ported to 0.28-rc37

Carl Miller chaz@energoncube.net
Sat Oct 16 07:46:00 GMT 2004

> > If you want to freshen up the gcc/binutils patches for newer
> > versions than I worked with, you might see if the uClibc project
> > has the appropriate patches available over CVSWeb.  Start here:
> > 
> > http://www.uclibc.org/cgi-bin/cvsweb/buildroot/sources/
> > 
> > and dig into <tool>/<version>/Attic    There's some good stuff
> > there.
> In the Attic? That's a strange place for placing patches. Why are they
> being wiped off the buildroot?

Dunno that they are.  I'm not sure exactly how buildroot uses those
sources/<tool>/<version> directory.  It could be that "Attic" is
considered a place to store things that are theoretically needed
once, functioning similarly to the patches directory of crosstool.

> I already searched for something corresponding to the separate build
> vs src dir hierarchy (like the Makefile relocate patch), but this
> seems not to have been addressed within uClibc.

No, it has not, and as far as I can tell, they do not intend to address
it in the foreseeable future.  Building outside of the source directory
is not important to them.  My makefiles-relocate patch was rejected for
two reasons, being for an old version (easy enough to fix once I can
find the time), and requiring PERL.  Some of the uClibc team consider
it important to be able to rebuild the library on a minimal uClibc-
hosted system.  PERL is currently very difficult to compile for a
minimal uClibc-hosted system (primarily because PERL is currently dang
near impossible to cross-compile), so they do not consider PERL as
acceptable to put on the "required tools" list.

I asked if I could rewrite the relocate script such that it didn't use
PERL, and used only acceptable "required tools" (and made the
corresponding Makefiles patch apply cleanly to current CVS), might the
patch then be accepted.  I never got an answer to that question.  So
my take is, let's get the Makefiles portion of the patch up to date,
and have crosstool use that with the current relocate (I've never heard
a crosstool user complain about needing PERL).  Any thought of
rewriting relocate to make it amenable to inclusion in uClibc can come,
time and will permitting, after full uClibc support is in crosstool,
and well thrashed out.


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