DESTDIR support for crosstool?

Dan Kegel
Sat Oct 16 05:28:00 GMT 2004

Axel Thimm wrote:
> would it be possible to have
> a) staged build and install crosstool scripts?

Maybe.  The first step would be to install the stage 1 compiler
to a temporary area rather than to the final destination,
I think.  (You'd need to install binutils twice, too.)

> b) installing under a different prefix than configured for?

That's a GCC feature, or lack thereof.  I haven't experimented
with it.  I think it's supposed to work with recent gcc's,
but I'm not sure.  Montavista supports that, and they had
to have a patch for the gcc-3.0-era stuff; I don't know if
that patch was ever integrated.

> I am thinking from a packager's POV, where packages are usually built and
> installed under different locations than later used, e.g. a typical
> crosstool package for a powerpc toolchain could be
> o building under /usr/src/at/powerpc-405-linux-uclibc folder,
> o installing under a /var/tmp/powerpc-405-linux-uclibc-0.0.1-root/opt/crosstools/...
>   hierarchy, while the package itself will be chopping off the
>   buildroot prefix and will
> o package-install under /opt/crosstools/
> a) is nice to have, but a packager can live w/o. b) is very important,
> as in packaging concept, no part of the true file system hierarchy is
> to be touched (other than the buildroot, e.g.
> /var/tmp/powerpc-405-linux-uclibc-0.0.1-root above).
> I understand that b) can be tricky, as the software is configured to
> look under /opt/crosstools/ for already built and installed components
> which will have been placed under
> /var/tmp/powerpc-405-linux-uclibc-0.0.1-root/opt/crosstools/. and
> pointing to the temporary buildroot instead would break any hardcoded
> paths.

If this is something you want, go ahead and see if you
can get it to work.  I already mentioned the first step;
maybe there isn't much more to it.  We won't know until
someone tries.
- Dan

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