Versioned glibc symbols

Daniel Kegel
Fri Oct 8 17:11:00 GMT 2004

Robert Schwebel wrote:
> This may be a FAQ but I didn' fid some sane documentation yet: I have
> the problem that building applications crashes in the linker stage when
> the libc built into the cross compiler is another version than the libc
> built for the system I'm working on. For example, busybox crashes here: 
> [...]
> i386-linux-gcc -L/ptx/work/svn-rsc/ptxdist-0.7-trunk/local/i386-linux/lib --dynamic-linker=/ptx/work/svn-rsc/ptxdist-0.7-trunk/local/i386-linux/lib/ -o busybox -Wl,--start-group ./applets/applets.a ./archival/archival.a ./archival/libunarchive/libunarchive.a ./coreutils/coreutils.a ./console-tools/console-tools.a ./debianutils/debianutils.a ./editors/editors.a ./findutils/findutils.a ./init/init.a ./miscutils/miscutils.a ./modutils/modutils.a ./networking/networking.a ./networking/libiproute/libiproute.a ./networking/udhcp/udhcp.a ./procps/procps.a ./loginutils/loginutils.a ./shell/shell.a ./sysklogd/sysklogd.a ./util-linux/util-linux.a ./libpwdgrp/libpwdgrp.a ./coreutils/libcoreutils/libcoreutils.a ./libbb/libbb.a -lcrypt -Wl,--end-group
> /usr/lib/gcc-lib/i486-linux/3.3.4/../../../crt1.o(.text+0xc): In function `_start':
> ../sysdeps/i386/elf/start.S:92: undefined reference to `__libc_csu_fini'
> /usr/lib/gcc-lib/i486-linux/3.3.4/../../../crt1.o(.text+0x11):../sysdeps/i386/elf/start.S:93: undefined reference to `__libc_csu_init'
> /ptx/work/svn-rsc/ptxdist-0.7-trunk/local/i386-linux/lib/ undefined reference to `_dl_lazy@GLIBC_2.1.1' ...
> Now the question is: how is this intended? Is it possible at all to build a
> system with another glibc than built into the compiler? Or should that
> always be compatible? 

What versions are the two glibc's in question?  And are
they really for different arches (i486 vs. i386?)

You can always build with an older glibc, then run on a system with a newer glibc.
I'm somewhat sure you can compile with an older glibc, then link with a newer one.

Can you present a minimal test case with enough detail to reproduce the problem?

- Dan

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