question crosstool-0.28-rc36 for PPC 860

Alexander Povolotsky
Mon Oct 4 18:33:00 GMT 2004

>Not generally.

I am slightly confused now.
In my case the "host" and "target" machine is the same - let say it is PPC 860 (though it is really PQ2FADS-VR board with MPC 8275 - not sure but do hope they are compatible enough) - so if I tar the: 


directory, produced by crosstool in my Intel/Windows XP cygwin

and ftp it to the root file system, mounted by my board during its booting, - should I not expect to be able to run this compiler, which will produce executables runnable on this very board itself ?


Alexander Povolotsky wrote:
> I cross-compiled (using cygwin on my Windows XP/Intel laptop) 
> the gcc 3.4.1 compiler for PPC 860 using crosstool-0.28-rc36.
> Could I expect the resulted/built gcc 3.4.1 compiler to run/function 
>‘natively’ on the PQ2FADS-VR board (with MPC 8275), running Linux
> 2.6.8-rc4 

Not generally.  However, it's fairly easy to do a
canadian cross build that will.  See
- Dan

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