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Wed Jun 30 07:09:00 GMT 2004


Do you feel safe surfing the Internet? I think this quote says it best...

"Modern Americans are so exposed, peered at, inquired about, and spied upon as to be increasingly without privacy--members of a naked society and citizens of a goldfish bowl."

You probably aren't aware that your computer leaves trails of everything you do while on the Internet.  If you have any skepticism about your online've got the right idea.  Hundred's of innocent people's personal information is comprised everyday on the web.  In today's society you must be proactive to be safe and secure online.  We feel your pain and have developed two solutions that will help give you piece of mind and feel more safe when you surf.  Our software helps prevent the following:

..Identity Theft
..Relationship Breakups
..RIAA Raids
..FBI Raids
..Hacker Break-ins
..Online Stalkers
..and much much more!

Protect your self before you are just another statistic.  You won't regret it.

Grab your copy today:

:/Online Enrollment Option/:

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