BE-Toolchain for Intel XScale IXP4xx (ARMv5TE) processor

Michael Bramberger
Sat Jun 26 08:05:00 GMT 2004

Hi all,

it's a quite old (and often spoken) topic, but some people (me) still 
don't really know how to build BE toolchains...

I'm currently using crosstool-0.28-rc25 to build a BE XScale toolchain 
with gcc-3.4.0, glib-2.3.2, and binutils 2.15. So far so good...

I tried two approaches "normal (just BE)" and multilib, but none of them 
really worked... Sometimes it builds the toolchain successfully (typ. 
when building a multilib-toolchain), but the result is only a LE 
toolchain, sometimes the build stops on an error when building glibc due 
to an endianess-mismatch:

compiled for a little endian system and target is big endian
failed to merge target specific data of file 

My config is like the following:

TARGET_CFLAGS="-O -mbig-endian"
GCC_EXTRA_CONFIG="--with-float=soft --with-cpu=xscale --enable-multilib"
GLIBC_EXTRA_CONFIG="--without-fp --with-cpu=xscale"

I adapted the t-linux, linux-elf, and t-arm-elf files in 
<<gcc-3.4.0/gcc/config/arm/>> to enable multilibs...

I also tried to adapt the script and added some big-endian 
stuff to the configure command of the glibc (C_FLAGS, AS_FLAGS, and 
LD_FLAGS), but I still get no BE toolchain... my question is, does somebody *exactly* know how to build such a 
toolchain, if yes please tell me, IÄm currently running out of ideas 
(and time...).

If I get a running (functional) toolchain, I will try to put an HOWTO 
and a compiled version online, that successors will have it easier...

..and yes, i already checked Dave Hylands site at, but it din't work for 
me (I don't really know why...)

Thanks in advance,

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