Soft Float is not being reported

Thu Jun 24 19:55:00 GMT 2004

>> So somehow gcc/glibc got built with FPA hardfloat?

> Yes, since that is the default.  You might get away with rebuilding
> glibc using CC="arm-linux-gcc -msoft-float", but that could cause
> other problems.

> The real solution would be building gcc with multilib support, so it
> builds three separate versions (i.e. FPA hardfloat, FPA softfloat and
> VFP softfloat) of libgcc and the other runtimes, but I've never
> understood how to do this with glibc...  It doesn't seem to have
> multilib support.

Multilib has caused nothing but problems for me...I have steered away from
it as much as possible. For developers who build for many different targets
I can see the usefulness of it. For developers who target one platform with
one FP type, one CPU, etc...I just don't see the benfit of I
missing something?

Why would one want VFP softfloat. I spent some time researching VFP the
other day and I still don't understand why it would/should be used in any

So basically if I get gcc stage 1 to output softfloat by default, then build
glibc with CC="arm-linux-gcc -msoft-float" I *should* end up with a
softfloat libgcc + softfloat glibc?

Thanks for all your help!


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