Soft Float is not being reported

Daniel Kegel
Thu Jun 24 18:34:00 GMT 2004

Dimitry Andric wrote:
> Okay, since you built the toolkit yourself, it is very probable that
> your glibc is also built with FPA hardfloat, so the following might
> not actually help; but as a quick hack, you can try to edit the file:
>   /opt/crosstool2/lib/gcc-lib/arm-linux/3.3.3/specs
> and replace the line:
>   %{msoft-float:-lfloat} -lgcc
> with:
>   -lgcc
> It may be better to rebuild your toolkit using softfloat as default,
> though.  Try replacing the softfloat patch in crosstool's
> patches/gcc-3.3.3 directory with this one:
> (Should apply to gcc 3.3.3 sources too, I hope)

BTW my policy on patches in crosstool is that they have
to be suitable for submission to gcc mainline.  Thus
I can't include any patches that change gcc to default to softfloat.

You're free to use any patches you like, of course; I just
won't ship any with crosstool that make it differ significantly
from vanilla gcc (beyond bugfixes and the occasional feature
addition like softfloat...)

- Dan

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