Crosstool: Quiting shell when compilation fails?

Martin Egholm Nielsen
Wed Jun 23 18:51:00 GMT 2004

>> In the recent crosstool versions - 0.28rc23 at least - the 
>> script exit the running shell if a compilation error occur - is that 
>> right? Or has it always been like that?
>> I've only tried with bash running in cygwin, that is...
> You mean your window goes away?
Yes, my "xterm" goes away when an error occur. E.g. if I add "-nounpack" 
to my "" file, and there is no unpacked files present on the 
system already, the window immediately disappears after launching the 

> I think that's a cygwin bug.  To work around it, always
> redirect stdout and stderr to a log file.  Then you can
> see the error.
Most possible then... Let's leave it there - I'll turn away from cygwin 
now, anyway - towards fc2. I experienced some new "Illegal instruction" 
failures when using the from cygwin, and these went away when 
I used the one from my RH system...


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