internel error compiling X

Marc Britten
Tue Jun 22 07:22:00 GMT 2004

Dan Kegel wrote:

> This takes some patience but it's worth it, as the smaller the .i file,
> the more likely a compiler developer will actually read it and fix the 
> problem!
> Sometimes it takes me hours to whittle them down, but I've gotten them as
> small as four lines, and the problem really jumps out then.  100 lines is
> also an ok size.  1000 is not quite as good.

I whittled it down to just over 700 lines, unfortunatly I could not get 
it any smaller as since its X11 there where many structs etc that where 
referenced in the functions.  However I got it down to 2 functions and 
the bare minimum of typedef's struct's etc.  Including removing code 
from the 2 functions.

Seems its a very complex bug however, since removinga  for loop or a 
fprintf would often make the file compile.

thanks for the pointers, hopefully this gets worked out.

marc britten

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