mips64 glibc

David Scidmore dscidmore@xes-inc.com
Mon Jun 21 18:49:00 GMT 2004

I've noticed that if I try to configure glibc for mips64 it include
sysdeps/mips/Implies and sysdeps/mip/mips64/implies. The former causes
sysdeps/wordsize-32 to be included while the latter
cauises,sysdeps/wordsize-64 to be included. The result is that it attempts
to compile 32 bit code in divdi3.c with __WORDSIZE set to 64, which fails.

Searching on the web I see than Dan asked about the status of mips64 glibc a
while back and got no response. I've found some relatively recent
coorespondance with the developers saying it's broken and they'd rather it
stay that way till someone gets it working. Looking at debian and some other
sources I can't find anyone who has a glibc that supposedly runs under
mip64. This, of course, raises some questions.

Is anyone aware of a glibc port for mips64? Is everyone running Linux on a
mips 64 bit processor just running a 32 bit file system? More importantly,
if I'm using the crosstools method of building things, can I compile glibc
for mips with a compiler configured for mips64 and use the result to build a
full gcc compiler for mips64. I'm at a bit of a quandry as to what avenue to
persue next.

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