Core dump (Illegal instruction) with crosstool's GCJ

Martin Egholm Nielsen
Mon Jun 21 07:30:00 GMT 2004


>> Now, I've tried using the root-filesystem from ELDK 3.0 which uses 
>> glibc-2.3.1 and gcc-3.2.2, and with my crosstool-cygwin-3.4.0-2.3.2 I 
>> _can_ now use static builds of _sample_ programs - not my faulty 
>> application (of course) (but this is still something I couldn't do 
>> before).
>> But I still cannot run a static application linked with 
>> crosstool-3.4.0-2.2.5.
>> That made me wonder: What are the requirements between compiler- and 
>> glibc-versions for crosstool-compiled applications and the 
>> target-system's system (both kernel and shell(?))?
>> Do I need to compile an entire root-filesystem with the exact same 
>> crosscompiler as my gcj-applications are compiled with?
> It's sometimes required, but not always.
What a wonderful answer :o)

> Also, if glibc-2.3.x works better for you than glibc-2.2.x,
> perhaps you should take that as a message :-)
I'll do that... should I make the crosscompiler for glibc-2.3.1 then? No 
wait, I think I know the answer: Perhaps... :-)

Thanks for now Dan,

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