ok, finally trying out the uclibc patch for crosstool...

Dan Kegel dank@kegel.com
Sun Jun 20 04:33:00 GMT 2004

Carl Miller wrote:
>>Sadly, that crashed when building C++, with error
>>In file included from 
> <snip>
> Did crosstool get fired up with TARGET=mipsel-unknown-linux-gnu but with
> LIBC_DIR=uClibc-0.9.23?
> The linux-gnu TARGET suffix asks gcc and binutils to build assuming glibc.
> I don't know what to expect (aside from general badness) if you configure
> for glibc but build with uClibc.
> Try changing the TARGET line in mipsel.dat to:
> TARGET=mipsel-unknown-linux-uclibc

Trying it now.

> Which, in general suggests that if crosstool wants to be multi-C-library-
> aware, it needs a more sophisticated way to build up the value of the
> TARGET define.  Looks like multiple .dat files may want to contribute a
> small piece each to TARGET.

Yup.  Or something.  The .dat files were a convenient kludge;
maybe I'll end up doing something else.  Who knows.

- Dan

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