Patch failures using crosstool

Dan Kegel
Sun Jun 20 02:46:00 GMT 2004

Dave wrote:
> Dan...I was curious about the grep's watching the patching of the toolchain
> sources in crosstool.
> Is this by design so as to watch for failed patches and abort the
> patch/build process?

yes.  The greps wouldn't be needed if patch were better about
returning nonzero status on failed patches.

> If so I wonder if it is more desireable to skip the patch and continue
> patching all that will apply to the sources or to bail out of the
> patch/build process entirely.

I'm too paranoid for that.  If anything goes wrong, it's
totally unexpected, and who knows what will happen, so best abort.
I don't want anyone complaining that crosstool is flaky.

- Dan

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