Interesting error in the 0.28-rc5

Dan Kegel
Sat Jun 19 22:57:00 GMT 2004

Dan Strohschein wrote:
> There don't seem to be any errors (IE it finishes with no error codes)
> however it moves VERY fast on a new dell 2.4ghz machine, so I might have
> missed some. But like I said, there was nothing reported at the end. Is
> there a log file for it?

That's not built in because Unix provides a very easy way for you to
create your own log files.  You can usually just add
    > log 2>&1
to the end of any command to create a log file named 'log'.
In fact, you really need to do this and look at the log file
for problems if you're running a complex build.

Try running the attached script with
   $ su
   # mkdir /opt/crosstool
   # chmod 1777 /opt/crosstool
   # exit
   $ sh > log 2>&1
It should produce a working mips linux uclibc C compiler.  The
The log file should end with

+ /opt/crosstool/mipsel-unknown-linux-gnu/gcc-3.3.3-uClibc-0.9.23/bin/mipsel-unknown-linux-gnu-gcc -static hello.c -o mipsel-unknown-linux-gnu-hello-static
+ /opt/crosstool/mipsel-unknown-linux-gnu/gcc-3.3.3-uClibc-0.9.23/bin/mipsel-unknown-linux-gnu-gcc hello.c -o mipsel-unknown-linux-gnu-hello
+ echo c
+ egrep '(^|,)c++(,|$)'
+ cat
+ /opt/crosstool/mipsel-unknown-linux-gnu/gcc-3.3.3-uClibc-0.9.23/bin/mipsel-unknown-linux-gnu-g++ -static -o mipsel-unknown-linux-gnu-hello2-static line 34: /opt/crosstool/mipsel-unknown-linux-gnu/gcc-3.3.3-uClibc-0.9.23/bin/mipsel-unknown-linux-gnu-g++: No such file or directory

which means it was able to link two small C programs.
(The error at the last line just means it couldn't compile
C++ programs, which is ok because the script doesn't try to
build a C++ compiler.)
- Dan

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