toolchain requirements submission

Carl Miller
Thu Jun 17 17:43:00 GMT 2004

> Two people so far have mentioned they want big endian support, the rest
> does not seem to care.      <snip>
> If there are more people who needs big-endian, _please_ speak up. This
> goes for the rest too, the amount of requirements posted are in sharp
> contrast with the number of toolchain-help related postings in the
> previous months. If someone has already posted what you need, don't let
> that stop you, this is about getting a good overview of what everyone
> needs, and statistics come into play there.

A former employer of mine (whom I still consult for on occasion) still
makes heavy use of armeb-coff toolchains.  Granted, we haven't updated
the versions of binutils and gcc for quite a while, but if/when we need
to, I want that support there.  That particular set of target platforms,
however, is strictly big-endian, so I didn't set up multi-libbing at
all.  I just made the toolchain and libraries pure BE.

So please take that as a data point -- armeb-coff still in active use.
ARM7TDMI core in case it matters to anyone.


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