toolchain requirements submission

David Mentre
Thu Jun 17 12:39:00 GMT 2004


> From: Wouter van Heyst []

> If there are more people who needs big-endian, _please_ speak up. 

Here at Mitsubishi Electric ITE TCL, we want big endian tool chains. We are
doing network processing and big endian is the natural network ordering.

We are working on Intel IXP2400 (XScale ARM V5TE core).

Regarding feedback, I posted a small doc when I made the chain but I haven't
be able to follow crosstools update and test recent releases.

The tool chain I made was more a hack than a clean toolchain as Dan et al.

So, in short, I vote for big endian. :)

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Mitsubishi Electric ITE-TCL / European Telecommunication Research Lab
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