toolchain requirements submission

Michael Bramberger
Thu Jun 17 12:23:00 GMT 2004


> Two people so far have mentioned they want big endian 
> support, the rest
> does not seem to care. At least one of them did not object to two
> seperate toolchains, but taking your points below into 
> account, it isn't
> the best idea. I personally stopped working with big-endian 
> ixdp425 and
> just do little-endian nowadays.
I'd like to change to little-endian, too, but since I need the NPE
support from Intel, and the 2.6 LE version from Deepak isn't available
yet, I think I'll have wait some more months. (Sad but true)
> If there are more people who needs big-endian, _please_ speak up. This
> goes for the rest too, the amount of requirements posted are in sharp
> contrast with the number of toolchain-help related postings in the
> previous months. If someone has already posted what you need, 
> don't let
> that stop you, this is about getting a good overview of what everyone
> needs, and statistics come into play there.

I just haven't posted my requirements, since I read mine in one of the first
postings in this list, maybe I should have had. Just for completeness, my
requirements would be / are:

  * BE/LE support for Xscale (IXP) - ARMv5TE
  * GCC > 3.3.2
  * GLIBC (LE/BE) (maybe 2.3.2 ?)
  * C/C++ support

I think, thats quite all...


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