Core dump (Illegal instruction) with crosstool's GCJ

Daniel Kegel
Wed Jun 16 21:11:00 GMT 2004

David Scidmore wrote:
>>So you're having trouble only on the ppc405, eh?
>>And it happens regardless of the build system type,
>>and regardless of the glibc version?  It does rather
>>sound like a gcj bug.
> I 've built java natively on a 440, but if I remember correctly it fails
> quite a number of regression tests related to soft floating point and a few
> related to exceptions. I wish I could remember the details. Even if your
> cross compiler would build, I have doubts it would handle floating point
> correctly.

Maybe Martin should consider running the full set of gcj regression
tests.  It's the only way to go when trying out the compiler
on a poorly-supported platform.  I certainly did this when I
started using gcc on ppc405, but I never got around to doing
it for gcj on ppc405.
- Dan

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