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Dan Kegel
Wed Jun 16 15:50:00 GMT 2004

Greg Ungerer wrote:
> Something that I like in my ARM toolachains is to support both big and
> little endian target generation from the one installation set. I mean
> with full glibc for both. I don't see many other people talk about this,
> is this not something others do or need?  On a daily basis I build for 
> both big and little endian ARM platforms, and I really don't want tow
> full arm-linux toolchains installed.

That's called multilibbing, or biarch, or something like that.
It's a nice feature.  At some point, I'd like to see that in crosstool.
If anyone wants to volunteer to add it in a nice way, go right ahead!

(For the moment, I'm unlikely to do that work myself, since my priority
is to get more architectures supported and to get crosstool to the
point where glibc developers can use it to verify that proposed
patches don't break the build of other architectures.
And the workaround, of having multiple toolchains installed, isn't
*that* painful given how large hard disks are these days.)
- Dan

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