Build for arm-linux failed under cygwin and fedora-linux

Dan Kegel
Wed Jun 16 07:10:00 GMT 2004

Birger Brunswiek wrote:
>> That seems familiar, too.  See
>> and
>> I have the following patches in crosstool that handle
>> patches/binutils-2.14.92/binutils-m68k-ignore-comments.patch
>> patches/binutils-
>> patches/binutils-2.15/binutils-m68k-ignore-comments.patch
>> (although I guess they're misnamed, since you're running into
>> this on arm, not m68k?).
>> It's troubling that this error is back even though crosstool
>> has a patch that should handle it.  Can you verify that this
>> patch was applied?
> No, not applied and after I did apply them all went fine. I hadn't
> apply them because I already had the tarballs unpacked in my source
> dir and didn't tell crosstool to do so. I looked at all of the patches
> related to my system, cygwin, linux and arm and none said it would
> fix that kind of error message, so I didn't bother...
> It might be a good idea to rename the file ...

Yup.  I'll do that.  Thanks!
- Dan

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