Error compiling kernel with crosscompiler (unistd.h:441)

Daniel Kegel
Tue Jun 15 19:08:00 GMT 2004

Martin Egholm Nielsen wrote:
> Hi Dan, (long time, no see - still amazed by all your work)
>>> I've just tried crosscompiling the kernel for my target - PPChameleon 
>>> 405EP - with my crosstool compiler in cygwin (powerpc-405-linux-gnu 
>>> gcc-3.4.0-glibc-2.2.5).
>>> The kernel fails with the following error when I try with crosstool:
>>> ...
>>> /opt/linux-2.4.20-pelk-1.2.0/include/asm/unistd.h:441: warning: 
>>> conflicting types for built-in function '_exit'
>>> /opt/linux-2.4.20-pelk-1.2.0/include/asm/unistd.h: In function `init':
>>> /opt/linux-2.4.20-pelk-1.2.0/include/asm/unistd.h:439: error: 
>>> asm-specifier for variable `__sc_4' conflicts with asm clobber list
>>> However, when I try with ppc_4xx-gcc from DENX (ELDK 3.0) it runs 
>>> without any problems.
>>> The kernel-source is one I have got from the board-supplier...
>> See
>> It looks like you may need an update to your kernel source.
> So, what you're saying is that you think that this has been fixed in a 
> newer version? E.g. one from

That's my guess.  I wish I could put my finger on the patch that
fixed it, but I don't have that info handy.

>> See also the crosstool todo, which says
>> See if we need to patch kernel's asm-ppc/unistd.h
>> to fix "error: asm-specifier for variable `__sc_4' conflicts with asm 
>> clobber list"
>> I guess I can remove that item, since using vanilla kernel sources works
>> well now, but I'm glad it was there!
> "Vanilla kernel sources"?

"vanilla" is short for "plain vanilla".  Boring people order plain
vanilla ice cream instead of flavors like strawberry.  We use
vanilla to mean unpatched (or nearly so) sources from the
authoritative maintainer.
- Dan

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