building a toolchain to build a mips linux kernel

Dan Kegel
Sat Jun 12 21:47:00 GMT 2004

Alain Perry wrote:
> I am new to this list and new to cross-compilation.
> I am actually trying to build a firmware for my MIPS based access point.
> Linksys has released all the source code and (gnu based) tools to build
> the firmware. However, I have to recompile the toolchain since the
> released binaries are for x86 and i'm using a PPC platform. The problem
> is that the sources for the toolchain as released by linksys do not
> compile, because of an undefined variable in a lex file.
> I decided to download more up-to-date sources distributions of the
> binutils and gcc. The binutils compile fine, but when trying to build
> gcc, I get an error on pthread.h and unistd.h missing.
> Since I'm not sure what exactly I should do about that, I ask for your
> help on this matter... Should I simply copy these files from the include
> directory of the linux kernel destined to be compiled with these tools ?
> And in this case, where to ?

You could do that, but it might be easier to run
That's how I built a toolchain to compile stuff for my access point.
Which access point is it?  WRT54G?  Does it use glibc or uclibc?
- Dan

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