Error: junk at end of line (follow up)

Dan Kegel
Fri Jun 11 16:49:00 GMT 2004

Albert Antony wrote:
> I did a -save-temps and checked the .s file. The error seems to be
> occuring wherever there is a mention of 13__type_traitsIbe,
> 13__type_traitsIhe, etc. and 11_Is_integerIme, 11_Is_integerIxe, etc.
> Here are a few sample lines from the .s file which throw up errors:
> .def	13__type_traitsIbE;	.scl	10;	.type	010;	.size	1;	.endef
> .def	.eos;	.val	1;	.scl	102;	.tag	13__type_traitsIbE;	.size	1;	.endef
> .def	11_Is_integerIbE;	.scl	13;	.tag	11_Is_integerIbE;	.size	1;	.type	010;	.endef
> .def	11_Is_integerIcE;	.scl	10;	.type	010;	.size	1;	.endef

Yeah, this is sounding awful familiar.  It looks like a preprocessor symbol gone awry.
The next step is probably to compile with -E instead of -c,
and save the output as bitset.ii.
Then look at it to see where those assembly lines are coming from; you'll probably
already see the funky digits at the start of identifiers, and will have to track
down where they come from.  Good luck!
- Dan

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