Error: junk at end of file

Dan Kegel
Fri Jun 11 06:12:00 GMT 2004

Albert Antony wrote:
> I am trying to build a sparc sun solaris hosted cross gcc for i686-coff
> target. I have installed binutils and newlib. When I try to build gcc, I
> get the following error message:
> ...
> /usr/gnu/i686-coff-objdir/build-gcc/gcc/xgcc ... -c /usr/gnu/srcdir/gcc-3.3.2/libstdc++-v3/src/ -o bitset.o
> /var/tmp//ccmD6WRe.s: Assembler messages:
> /var/tmp//ccmD6WRe.s:279: Error: junk at end of line, first unrecognized
> character is `1'

That looks kinda familiar.  (See,
in which I had to track down a similar error message.)
You should try using -save-temps and have a look at bitset.s
to see what's going on around line 279.
- Dan

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