crosstools and uclibc

Dan Kegel
Thu Jun 10 16:53:00 GMT 2004

Vladimir wrote:
> I am new to cross-platform compilation. I downloaded crosstools today,
> and was happy to  discover that it built a working (at least on initial
> inspection) cross compiler from x86 linux (redhat9) to a powerpc
> architecture (board with linux running on a motorola 855 cpu). Now, I am
> interested in using uclibc for my cross-platform development because the
> c++ support seems to fit into a much smaller footprint than the default
> libstdc++ stuff. Would anyone here be able to point me in the right 
> direction to accomplish this?

Ah, does uclibc have its own standard c++ library?  I didn't know that.

In any case, there's a patch for (a slightly old snapshot of) crosstool
to add uclibc support.  See contrib/crosstool-uclibc-0.28-rc5.patch
It should apply to

Good luck!  Some assembly required :-)
- Dan

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