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Dan Kegel
Wed Jul 28 05:18:00 GMT 2004

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Dag Wieers wrote:
> I'm still very interested to have these packages available in the 
> different repositories we maintain for Red Hat/Fedora/Tao/CentOS/Yellow 
> Dog for the different architectures (currently i386,x86_64,ppc,alpha and 
> also s390)

OK.  (For what it's worth, I'm also interested in supporting .deb's,
and Debian has a similar wide range of platforms.)

You can see a preview of my rpm strategy at has a new option, --buildrpm.
It doesn't generate srpm's yet, but it does generate real rpms.
(The actual work was done by my intern Matt Beaumont-Gay
under my thumb^H^H^H^H^H benevolent supervision.)
Comments welcome...
- Dan

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