Ppc-750 1394 advise

Dan Kegel dank@kegel.com
Wed Jul 28 04:32:00 GMT 2004

Schartman, Joe wrote:
> Im working at Boeing and we have some prototype h/w (ppc-750s) running
> VxWorks with addon MindReady 1394 link/stack layer s/w.  Its very
> limited for hard drive support, only offers dosFS with Fat16 :(
> So Im thinking it would be better to port this application to linux
> especially if I can use the 2.6 kernel for the 1394.
> Your crosstool maybe very helpful since I would do most of the dev on my
> linux PC porting to ppc-750.

How much RAM do you have?  Linux has about 8-16 MB more overhead than
VxWorks, I bet.
How much realtime do you need?  Linux can only promise latencies
of 5ms usually.  If you need better, then you'd have to do something
special, like run Adeos or RTLinux, and code the hard real time tasks

> Im not sure about the downloading part since we have used VxWorks on
> Suns for crossdev and I have not done this type of effort using linux.
> Any advice on the best way to start this effort ?
> It would be soo nice to get away from VxWorks :)

For downloading, lots of people use u-boot, http://u-boot.sourceforge.net/

For building the system image, you might try http://ptxdist.sf.net,
or if you're not so brave but have lots of money, maybe the commercially supported

Good luck!  And feel free to ask questions on the appropriate
mailing list (e.g. crossgcc@sources.redhat.com for crosstool;
ptxdist and u-boot each have their own).   Please don't send
me questions directly.
- Dan

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